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My Honeymoon in Croatia (GA interview)

La entrevista que le realizaron a Gillian para la revista "Gloria".

My honeymoon in Croatia

Star of the serial ‘’The X-files’’, the special guest of film meetings in Dubrovnik and Sarajevo, tells us how she managed to leave three kids for the first time and have a good time with her husband, businessman, Mark Griffiths.

During her recent arrival in Dubrovnik, after Sarajevo Film Festival, 41-year old actress Gillian Anderson had only one wish – to find an ideal beach to enjoy on with her sweetheart.However, to the star of popular TV-serial ‘’The x-Files’’ no place was quit good enough: either there was no natural shadow (shade) to protect her gentle skin from the sun, or the places were too crowded and she and her un-married husband were too exposed to looks of others to appear in a bathing suits.But she did relax on a yacht of the host – Goran Šrtok – the owner of the Adriatic Luxurious Hotels, who organized the tour aroud Dubrovnik aquatorium. Beside the nice memories, Gillian took home two designer presents: the necklace from Maja Sorić and earrings with Dubrovnik motives from the goldsmith Križek.With the actress who became famous by playing agent Dana Scully in ‘’The X-Files’’ and by roles in movies like ‘’How to lose friends...’’ and ‘’Playing by Heart’’, where she stared along with Angelina Jolie and Sean Connery, we talked on two occasions – in Sarajevo and Dubrovnik.After two failed marriages, with Canadian Clyde Klotz –with whom she has 15-year-od daughter, and photographer Julian Ozanne, Gillian says she doesn’t plan to marry again; today she lives in London with businessman Mark Griffiths and their 2 sons – 3-year-old Oscar and 10 months old Felix.

I: Do you and your husband have a chance to be alone together, along three kids?

G: - Since I gave birth to Felix, 10 months ago, this is our first jurney together without the kids, so it seems to me like we are on a honeymoon - although we are not married. There are indeed rare occasions when Mark and I can be alone together and because of that we especially enjoyed staying in your country. The owner of the hotel, Goran Štrok, organizez a tour on a yacht, we visited islands around Dubrovnik and we really enjoyed his hospitality, as we did before that in Sarajevo.

I: Do you miss the kids?

G: - Absolutely! Every time I hear a child cry in a hotel or in the street, I panic and think that that are my kids. But, that is, I guess, the natural reaction of every mother. But, I’m calmed because I know that my children are in good hands: Oscar and Felix are in our house in London with their nanny from Romania, and my daughter Piper is with her father in Canada.

I: Did you go on family holiday (vacation) this summer?

G: - We spent 2 weeks in Canada before our arrival in Sarajevo and Dubrovnik. My daughter went to visit her father, because my first husband lives there, and the rest of us used that time for resting.

I: Which place do you consider your home – regarding the fact that you were born in America, grew up in England, and lived many years in Canada, filming ‘’The X-Files’’?

G: - I feel the most comfortable in England, because I adore London. I’ve lived and I’ve traveled everywhere, but London is the only place that I miss when I’m away from home.

I: Why did you move from Los Angeles to London seven years ago?

G: - It is mush easyer to cope with a status of famous person in England than it is in L.A. For me, the most significant thing about London is that I manage to forget that my name and my roles mean something to people and that there are no paparazzi standing in front of my house. That, however, is not the case with Madonna and my colleague Gwyneth Paltrow. But in London, even if you are famous, ,you can have a private life.

I: How do you cope with the glory?

G: - When reporters in Los Angeles followed my every step, ,I wasn’t the person I am totay. Back then, I lived in a psychosis, closed in myself, restraint and I had to beware what, when and to who am I speaking, because my every word could end up in a paper. At the end I became suspicious towards everyone, didn’t know on who I can rely (depend) on and who is is delivering my daily schedule to the paparazzi.... Those kind of things are not comfortable at the least.

I: Your un-wedded husband Mark Griffiths isn’t part of the movie world; how did you meet?

G: - We met in a company of our mutual friends in London. Mark is an owner of a company that builds parking lots.

I: Do you plan a wedding?

G: - No. I was married twice and that is enough for now. By my own experience, I know that that piece of paper doesn’t change anyhting in a relationship between two people.

I: Who are your friends?

G: - There are very few from the movie-world. I never go out with some gold (agenda), only to establish a business contact. I don’t socialize (hang out) with the producersand directors, no matter what kind of work I might get. In my world there are kind and nice people who don’t care if I’m an actress or a saleswoman in a shop.

I: Where do you live in London?

G: - In a beautiful house, in a peaceful area, where I can go to the park with my kids in a track suit without discomfit or inducing negative (taunting) comments.

I: How would you describe your fashion style?

G: - I was never a fashion-victim and I never paid any attention to what everyone wears and who the most popular designers are. When I see a pair of shoes or a dress that I like, I buy it. Often I get overwhelmed by something and I don’t realize that I made a mistake until I get home. But , I like almost every piece of my clothing... There are jackets, pants and dresses in my closet that I keep (maintain) for twenty years or so and that I don’t want to throw away, although I know that I probably won’t wear ever again: for me they have a sentimental value.

I: Do you enjoy shopping?

G: - Not really. I never go directly to the store to buy something. I know a lot of people who want to have a piece of designer clothe first chance they can, but I don’t have the time nor the nerves to deal with such things. Besides, I wonder where those people keep their clothes and what do they to with it after they appear in it only once.

I: What is your best way of relaxation?

G: - I spend most of my time with my kids and that is what relaxes me the most. When I’m not with them, I read, I watch movies and hang out with my friends. Lately, I’m enjoying (started to grow fond of) cooking and every so often I invite my friends at my home for dinner. The only thing I regret is that I totally ignored practicing yoga. Once, I used to practice for 2 or 3 hours a day and it meant a lot for me – for my relaxation and self-discipline.

I: How did you choose the names for your sons?

G: - When my mother was pregnant with me, she used to call me Olive, and Mark’s parents called him Osvald. So, we decided that our first child will have a name which begins with ‘’O’’. Since I am a big admirer of the work of Oscar Wilde, our 3-year-old son was named Oscar. And Felix was Mark’s and my mutual choice for our younger son.

I: How much has motherhood changed you?

G: - Completely! Motherhood is, at the moment, way more important than acting for me. However, three kids is enough, I don’t plan on having more, so in the years to come I will devote myself to acting carrier.

I: How did you become an actress?

G: - When I was 12 years old, I went to an audition in the local theatre in Michigen for main part in a play ‘’Alice in Wonderland’’. The exact motives of that act I can’t explain to myself even now. I was very nervous, although I had the advantage in comparison with the others – the English accent that I gained while living in London since I was 2 and until I was 11 years old. But, when I was finally in the room alongside 250 other girls who also wanted the part, it didn’t feel all the same. I didn’t get the part, but I didn’t give up either: I signed up (register) for the acting – group and then later went to New York.

I: How did your parents react on your decision to become a professional actress?

G: - My father, the computer-man, went crazy and held me a lecture about how there is no future in acting. He wanted me to became a computer programmer, and I was remembering his words while I was going on the auditions and talking to agents for months, without any result. Even when I got my first theatre parts, which were praised by the critics, I had to work as a waitress to have enough for living. Once I was recognised by a group of guests in a japanise restaurant and they were surprised how it is possible to be served a sushy by the same person who astonished them on the stage the day before.

I: You began your carrier in the theatre, but you became famous by playing agent Dana Scully in TV-serial; what is exactly your first (prime) love?

G: - Movies. When I was in New York, I realised that the theatre wasn’t made for me besause after every play I went home in a stress: I felt like a soldier who comes back home after being on a field. I admire to my colleagues like Jude Law, who can play Hamlet for seven months and go on a tour with the theatre /play around the world. For me, the theatre is too exhausting...

I: Was that the reason why did you move from New York to Los Angeles 20 years ago?

G: - No. I moved to LA for love: the man I was in love with lived in that city. Our life back then looked like heaven: in the morning we went jogging (I think she says tracking device – like in a gym). in our rented apartment, in the afternoon we went to the cinema (movies), and in the meantime I went on the auditions.

I: Is it true that you get your most important par, the one of agent Scully, thanks to a little lie?

G: - Yes. I lied on the audition, when I introduced myself I said that I was 3 years older then I was. You see, I was 24, and the ad said that agent Scully is 29 years old. So, laying sometimes pays off...

I: When did you realize that this part (role) will change your life?

G: - Although I got more money than my parent’s year-payment just for filming the pilot – episode, I had no idea in what kind of adventure I’m getting myself into. Even before I realized what shooting of TV – serial looks like, I signed 5 - year agreement. Everything went rather quickly. I remember that the last cycle of the audition was on Thursday, and the shooting started two days later, on Saturday, in Vancouver, Canada. Up until the third season, when we became planetary popular, I didn’t realize what it is all about. We were filming nine months a year, and the rest of the year I rested.

I: What was the most stressful thing for you?

G: - The producers didn’t allow my character (Scully) to show the emotions, which is totally opposite to my character. Besides, they coloured my hair, and I was very proud of my natural hair color. Nine years, that's how long the shooting of ‘’The X-Files’’ lasted, I felt closed in a golden cage in a way. Even today many producers and directors don’t want to hire me because they think that the audience associate my face with the character of Dana Scully.

I: Wasn’t the most stressful thing for you, coming back on the set just 10 days after the C-section and giving birth to your daughter Piper?

G: - Yes, but back then, with 25 years, that wasn’t so horrible. We were shooting the second season, it became known that ‘’The X-Files’’ will become a hit / success in the whole world, so I felt extremely (strongly) responsible towards the crew and the producers. Although, in fact, they didn’t care too much for me: the only accommodation that I got was that the first episode after giving birth I spend - unconscious. But, in the very next episode I had to shoot the fighting –scene. Who ever thinks that acting business is all glamorous, can’t be more wrong.

I: How do you handle the critics?

G: - I don’t read critics anymore, because only the negative ones sticks in my head. There can be hundreds of the positive critics, but that one negative will hit me, I will focus on that one, and because of that I will shiver (shake) on the day of appearance on the stage or in front of the camera.

I: What are your plans?

G: - All my plans usually get ruined (busted?). My agents advise me to accept roles exclusively in comedies, because they think that it is good for my carrier. I, on the other hand, mostly like (prefer) the roles of serious, depresive women who usually end their lives by suicide. And my decision to move to London was, by their opinion, a big step in the wrong direction. If you want a carrier in Hollywood, you have to push yourself in front of everybody’s nose so that you won’t be forgotten. But I don’t know how and I don’t want to do that. Besides, recently I lost my laptop with the script that I’ve been working on for seven years.... Those are the reasons that it is better for me not to talk about my plans, for they might all turn upside down.

I: What kind of future do you dream for your children?

G: - I hope that Oscar and Felix will form a band: Oscar will be a singer, Felix the drummer and I will be their biggest fan and will follow them on the tour around the world. I would really enjoy that.

La traducción del texto gracias a Dunya de Haven.


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