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The Inconvenient Truth of Gillian Anderson (Entrevista)

En el portal de la revista Alemana "Stern" se puede encontrar un artículo sobre la entrevista realizada a Gillian en relación con su participación en la premier global del filme "The Age of Stupid". La entrevista es la que sigue:

The Inconvenient Truth of Gillian Anderson

The Inconvenient Truth of Gillian AndersonHollywood celebrates a "green premiere" with the environmental drama "The Age of Stupid". Celebrities like Kofi Annan spell out that climate protection is about the survival of mankind. Hollywood star Gillian Anderson ("The X-Files") revealed to stern.de why she got involved instead of indulging in glamour.

Miss Anderson, why do you show your face in front of the cameras for "The Age of Stupid"? You don't have a role in the movie?

- When I say the movie for the first time I found it to be so deeply moving that I didn't just think about what I saw, but I also started to change my life. Both on the large and small scale, so that my own carbon footprint as well as my househould's turns out as low as possible.

CO2 emissions of air planes belong to the major causes of the greenhouse effect. One transatlantic flight produces six times as much CO2 as a single person in annual average. You are a Hollywood star. How do you want to prevent flying?

- There are a lot of little things I can change, but flying is complicated. We already cancelled a few journeys this year for that reason because they weren't absolutely necessary. Some flights I have to take because of my job. Unfortunately I can't do much about that. There is hope that planes with lesser CO" emission will be build in the near future. Until then we have to try to limit aviation as much as possible.

When did you first realize that the clock is ticking for the human race?

- After I watched this movie. Where as Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" was moving to me, it didn't have the same impact as "The Age of Stupid". It's important that everyone who's just the slightest bit interested in our future will sacrifice the one and a half hour it takes and watch this movie. And I hope they'll see it live. I know there are a lot of screenings in Germany. Only if many people come to see the live screening, politicians will understand that it means something them. It seems to be insignificant to most people, which is indeed part of the problem. Hence governments get away with not effectively taking action. Criticism is not loud enough. It's not sufficient to only think about our children's future in our own four walls. We also have to verbalise it outside as loud as possible; spell out that we mean business.

There is not much time before climatic changes become irrevocable. Do you honestly believe that people can change?

- We have to believe!. If we don't we can give up right away. We have to keep an eye on the emissions. And every single one of us can do something. You can begin immediately: There's the great campaign "Ten in Ten". It's about reducing your own emissions by 10% until 2010. It's a very effective campaign a lot of people and even corporations take part in already. But what's even more important is the involvement of governments in order to establish laws! We humans are like vicious school kids who hope not to be caught and that they won't have to change much. We need a teacher or parents who make the decisions for us because we are obviously incapable of doing it ourselves. I mean, we're talking about saving our planet from a desaster!

But as the movie title itself points out, humans are pretty stupid.

- That is a very provocative word, of course. Eventually it's about the inconvenience. People - and I include myself to some extent - just don't want to know because it is too troublesome to change oneself. And some people are simply carefree. Maybe they're worried about their kids. But their childern's children, that's too far down the road. There are a lot of ways to justify idleness, to not see the reality before us. We're a generation of couch potatoes who watch reality shows and go shopping. It's easy to consume, but to change means work. It's uncomfortable, and needless to say we don't want to hear that.

Did you ever want to give up and think that humans are just not good?

- Yes, because it's shown to us again and again. I don't think that humans are bad, but that the request is apparently a trifle too large. They don't believe it, they think that scientists made a mistake and that it can't be that bad. Which is easier than to face up to the fact that there is no mistake, but that we have to get up off our butts and change something.

The crazy thing is that thunderstorms, heatwaves and floodings are there already, but are often played down.

- Yes, because "this has happened all along. It's always been like this. It will always be this way. It's got nothing to do with climatic change." That's how they talk.

Maybe mankind just has an expiration date, and our time is up.

- There is a theory, but I don't know enough about it, called Gaia-theory: Thus we are the parasites of the Earth, and Earth itself deliberatly gets hotter to get rid of us because we work havoc. I can't say that doesn't sound plausibel somehow. If I was Mother Earth and there were these little entities crawling all over me and destroying everything, showing disinterest in my survival, I'd possibly get a fever myself to deep-six them and start anew.

Do you really believe that a movie can help to make people aware of the seriousness of this matter?

- I know the influence that "The Age Of Stupid" had on my own life as well as others. I think a movie can change something. If you take a look at the companies that signed for the "Ten in Ten" campaign - within the short time of 24 hours - it does make a difference.

You're a Hollywood star, but very involved socially as well as in environmentalism. How do you unite the fake world of glamour with repeatedly brutal reality?

- I'm in the public eye, but my ordinary live has nothing to do with that at all. I'm just of public interest because of my job, which I love. And this love entailed this attention. One of the few possibilities for me to counterbalance the falsehood and the snobbish, illusionary, artificial aspect is to do exactly the opposite. Things that are important, that have an impact, that are relevant.

Are you tired of the glamour?

- It became too much for me when I lived in Los Angeles. That's why I moved to London. Yes, I was sick of it, and I still am. As a result there is not much of it left in my life.

Does fame involve responsibility?

- It doesn't have to be that way. Most people decide against it. I settled on it, but that's just me. One shouldn't generalize what people should and shouldn't do.

Could you see yourself leaving the glamour world for good some day and do something entirely different?

- You mean, quit and become an artist? Yes, absolutely.

One last question that has nothing to do with environmental protection: Will there be a third X-Files installment or not?

- I know the producers are talking about it. I don't know if that means there'll be one. But I'd be in on it.

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